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Microsoft unveils path-breaking Azure capabilities at Build 2019

On May 14, 2019
Microsoft has unveiled new announcements at the Build 2019 event, the most prominent one about Azure platform. This event showcases some of the amazing progress in AI and mixed reality.
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SharePoint Integration with Dynamics CRM drives business performance

On Apr 23, 2019
The might of Dynamics CRM combined the agility of SharePoint tools is here to churn out wonders. With changing technology landscape and the needs of modern-age customers, an enterprise calls for better workflow management, closer collaboration among the employees, and tools to automate and drive process efficiency.
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How does Dell Boomi drive results in Life Sciences and Healthcare?

On Apr 19, 2019
The healthcare industry, with its technology challenges coupled with demanding needs, requires a time-frame for the development and maintenance of an entire data management platform that is tied to the data as well as web or middleware application.
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How do financial institutions leverage Dell Boomi platform?

On Apr 17, 2019
The financial sector is moving at a fast pace towards digital transformation and technology innovation for managing people, data, and processes. The Dell Boom integration platform will optimize the workflows across banking and financial institutions, thereby re imagining complete transaction cycles and optimizing an omni-channel experience for customers.
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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Empowers Manufacturers and Distributors?

On Apr 15, 2019
The Dynamics 365 application aims at a seamless exchange of data and processes across the internal functions such as the supply chain, finance, and sales. It is vital that manufacturing firms achieve project goals within the desired timelines and allocated budget and resources.
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Build New Capabilities with Raybiztech And Dell Boomi

On Apr 10, 2019
In today’s world of rapidly emerging technology and IT infrastructure, more businesses recognize the necessity of using more modern technology and infrastructure to strengthen their businesses processes and systems.
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Unifying Assets and Systems with Dell Boomi

On Apr 09, 2019
One of the biggest concerns most people have with innovations and integrating to cloud-based systems is that information or infrastructure will be lost or that the period of transition will be tedious and difficult to understand.
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Transforming your Workflows and Processes with Dell Boomi

On Apr 08, 2019
A number of businesses and organizations understand that using totally analog workflows and processes will leave them with slow and redundant systems that do not work or face up to competition. Although some organizations are still adapted to manual processes which requires a lot of effort, time and resources to create and run.
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Kickstart Your Enterprise with Dell Boomi

On Apr 05, 2019
Are you setting up a new business or do run a pre-existing enterprise and find yourself wondering what you need to do to make it run faster and more efficiently? Nobody wants a business that moves slowly as this can make you lose clients as well as partnerships.
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Driving Innovation with Dell Boomi

On Apr 04, 2019
Digital disruption has changed the scene for most organizations and those who are not willing to adopt fast, lag behind by their competitors. As the world makes technological advancements more innovations come up every day with e-commerce aggregator platforms like lodging organizations with no rooms to their name or transport organizations that do not own cars.

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