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6 Reasons to Use Data Analytics

On Jan 04, 2019
The customer-centric focus has pushed businesses to collate more information prior to initiating the product life-cycle. It is very much vital to make informed decisions and improve communication based on stable ‘data binding’ with not only the customers but stakeholders as well as business partners.
factors to choose custom CMS

How Businesses are benefited from Microsoft Dynamics AX?

On Jan 02, 2019
Microsoft Dynamics AX supports major enterprise functions and enables localization for high-end growth firms with a footprint across the globe. It helps the firms integrate, automate, and streamline their processes. Dynamics AX has lately been integrated with the Dynamics 365 portfolio, thereby offering a host of benefits alongside other Microsoft software.
factors to choose custom CMS

How is Artificial Intelligence Crucial for ERP?

On Dec 28, 2018
With globally active business dynamics in perspective and the promising prospects coming out of new facets of research in areas of intelligent-based systems, organizations are looking ahead to leverage Artificial Intelligence to augment their enterprise capabilities more than ever before.
factors to choose custom CMS

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 drives Digital Transformation in SMBs?

On Dec 24, 2018
Many businesses of varied sizes have understood the significance of digital transformation. They have become steadfast in bringing about innovation and adopting disruptive technologies. Thus, the process of digital transformation has become more of a reality than just a mere hype to talk about.
factors to choose custom CMS

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Kentico Website

On Dec 17, 2018
Kentico application offers leverage of a number of features available with the software. However, this is accompanied by complex and dynamic data functionality, which often requires retrieval of alarge quantum of information from a third-party database or software, which impacts the overall performance of a website.
factors to choose custom CMS

How does Microsoft Azure Cloud Power Sitecore Platform?

On Dec 10, 2018
The Microsoft Cloud platform Azure, has boosted the performance of the Sitecore Experience Management platform, since it moved to the cloud in late 2016.
factors to choose custom CMS

Kentico 12 is Coming! Here are the New Features

On Nov 26, 2018
Kentico 12 offers First Class Support for ASP .NET MVC, with a greater capability of integration among components and their behavior in the dynamic run-time environment.
factors to choose custom CMS

Kentico CMS: Out-of-the-box Usability and Accessibility Features

On Nov 19, 2018
Kentico CMS is capable of helping end-users with a minimum technical knowhow or no knowledge of programming. Explore few other features and traits that make Kentico stand out from the rest.
factors to choose custom CMS

How Kentico delivers Marketing Capabilities?

On Nov 14, 2018
Kentico offers an integrated e-commerce solution for global prospects. The flexible installation and licensing options, in addition to a customized campaign runs, document management, multilingual websites, social networking, and multi-site management, will offer businesses the top-form agility.
factors to choose custom CMS

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Fulfills Future Business Needs?

On Nov 13, 2018
The Business Central suite offers much beyond the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition there by addressing the requirements of common business processes and functions for Small and Medium Businesses

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