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How effective is Dell Boomi as multi-purpose PaaS?

On Mar 07, 2019
The Dell-Boomi platform can serve as a single tenant machine residing on multi-tenant structure, in an easy-to-use platform for companies without the need for additional software, hardware, or coding; thereby centralizing the movement, management, and governance of data across organizations and companies.
factors to choose custom CMS

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 drives the Healthcare Industry?

On Feb 28, 2019
The level of engagement with healthcare providers is at a higher end along with the evolution of ‘advance precision’ healthcare, thereby leveraging Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Healthcare Bot service, and the Dynamics 365 platform.
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How to Leverage Dynamics 365 for Automation of Accounts Payables?

On Feb 26, 2019
The approach will help in avoiding massive integrations for future upgrades, with an eye to consistency and overall system stability. The automation of Accounts Payables with Microsoft Dynamics 365 results in greater scalability, maximum integrity, and minimal purchase-to-payment processing costs.
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How GDPR and Compliance Norms Stabilize Kentico 12?

On Feb 22, 2019
The Kentico 12 offers more scalability across the board to execute marketing campaigns and track customer journey, with provision for creating and offering unique customer experiences that are built around swift customizations, dynamic web parts, and open API mechanism.
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How Does Kentico 12 MVC Builder Power Your Campaigns?

On Feb 21, 2019
Kentico 12 is emerging as the backbone of future digital projects with its efficacy, freedom for effectiveness, and immense scope for marketers as well as developers. Marketers can easily tweak content and page elements without having to rely solely on developers for incessant changes to the content.
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How Security Audits Improve Reliability in Kentico 12?

On Feb 19, 2019
The Kentico 12 audit norms are centered on a well-defined framework to sustain the entire application and comply with the desired standards of performance. The structured framework involves a detailed assessment of the life-cycle and recommendations which are unique and tailored to the current performance of the system.
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How Can Kentico 12 Forms Drive Marketing Automation in EMS?

On Feb 18, 2019
Forms serve as one of the vital components of any CMS application. Users can leverage Kentico EMS to drive marketing automation process using dynamic forms. Through a well-defined approach to automate the process, forms can play a crucial role in savings costs
factors to choose custom CMS

How Kentico 12 .NET MVC Technology Leverages Widgets and Forms?

On Feb 15, 2019
Dynamic content forms the core element of a robust digital marketing strategy, without which campaigns would lack creativity and render a dull or monotonous experience. Here comes the Kentico 12 version that is equipped with powerful MVC Page Builder to execute interactive campaigns
factors to choose custom CMS

What are Big Data, Data Science, and Data Analytics?

On Jan 22, 2019
The advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have boosted prospects of automation and highlighted the significance of data in a fast-evolving business environment. Data is poised to play an important role in the enterprises of the future
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6 Reasons to Use Data Analytics

On Jan 04, 2019
The customer-centric focus has pushed businesses to collate more information prior to initiating the product life-cycle. It is very much vital to make informed decisions and improve communication based on stable ‘data binding’ with not only the customers but stakeholders as well as business partners.

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