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How Pharma Supply Chain inefficiency are being resolved by Artificial Intelligence during Covid-19?

On Jun 23, 2020
The pharmaceutical sector faces many challenges, one of the most prominent being the inefficiency of the pharma supply chain. Therefore, this sector can find all the solution it needs through a digital transformation.

6 easy steps to create Data collection points in your company to be successful with AI

On Jun 05, 2020
Every day we generate a huge amount of data that can be numerical, categorical, or free text. However, the processing of all of those data is impossible. For this reason, a sample of them is categorized and fed to an artificial intelligence system that can spot future trends and give us insights.

According to Mr. Ajay Ray, Artificial Intelligence can help Indian States to attract Large Businesses to set up in India exiting China! 

On May 17, 2020
According to Mr. Ajay Ray, Artificial Intelligence can help Indian States to attract Large Businesses to set up in India exiting China! 

As stated by Mr. Ajay Ray, Artificial Intelligence to make smart cities more “Smarter” post Covid-19

On May 13, 2020
Covid-19 has hit the world hard and overall all cities are confronting difficult issues that should be tended to. Governments have begun to think post-COVID-19 circumstance, assembling different new standards prompted by driving advising firms for being future prepared for Covid-19 and putting resources into an advanced change of the enormous big cities.

Your company needs Cyber Security tools developed on Artificial Intelligence in 2021!

On Apr 27, 2020
Cyber-safety is definitely the biggest topic that has arisen in recent years. Both companies and hackers are in constant fight for the data available. We have seen tremendous technical advancements in the last few years that have altered cyber-security.

Artificial Intelligence improving patient care, hospitals management and imaging. You can optimize your healthcare too with AI

On Apr 08, 2020
Digital transformation in the health care system has been a dramatic one, as many researches are looking for new ways to improve it. The results of the changes that artificial intelligence can bring to the industry are beneficial for both the clinics and the patients.

How weather forecast industry using Artificial intelligence to help Governments to be ready for any impending danger

On Mar 26, 2020
Weather forecasting is one of the industries that have always relied on data in order to make predictions. In the past years, the meteorologists had to analyse all of the available data themselves, a thing that sometimes led errors and false warnings.

Why Facial Recognition technology by AI will not have many takers in USA & Australia?

On Mar 18, 2020
Artificial intelligence has many uses in our daily lives, even in some applications that we have never thought they used such technologies. Digital transformation is around us, from the cities, the appliances in our homes, and all the working environments.

What may go wrong with your Artificial intelligence Projects? Top 6 reasons for failures in AI!

On Mar 12, 2020
Deployment of an artificial intelligence system means the digital transformation of your company. You are hoping to enter a new era, where machine learning will boost all of your business’s operations.

Artificial Intelligence transforms Oil and Gas industry, optimizes cost, improves efficiency and enhances ROI!

On Mar 09, 2020
Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized many industries in different ways. Nowadays, it is implemented in every operation of a business, thus maximizing its efficiency. Through machine learning, companies can identify issues that might potentially prove harmful to the business.