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Keith Don appointed as COO for Raybiztech Australia

On Apr 15, 2019
Raybiztech is delighted to consolidate its footprint in Asia-Pacific with the commencement of operations in Sydney, Australia. The strategic presence at the key location will enrich our capabilities in the region.

Raybiztech expands in Asia-Pacific with Sydney office

On Apr 12, 2019
Raybiztech, a CMMI Level 3 technology services provider, has added a permanent location to ramp up its operations in Asia-Pacific. The new facility in Sydney will continue to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients backed up by sales and business development expertise with on-shore focus,

Raybiztech CEO at Boomi World Tour Sydney

On Mar 21, 2019
The Dell Boomi World Tour happened on 18-19 March 2019 in Sydney, which aimed to bring together business leaders, technocrats, and passionate entrepreneurs. Raybiztech CEO Ajay Gupta attended the along the likes of top executives at the meet.

Raybiztech CEO delivers Interactive Session on Cloud and AI at ISB

On Mar 18, 2019
Raybiztech CEO Ajay Gupta addressed a keen and self-motivated audience about "Artificial Intelligence on Cloud" on 16 March 2019 at the ISB, Hyderabad.

Raybiztech Campus Drive at Avanthi Engineering College

On Mar 11, 2019
Raybiztech has conducted a successful campus drive at Avanthi Group of engineering colleges. Our technical panel accompanied the human resources team at the campus to evaluate and select bright candidates who deserved starting their career right after the completion of academic studies.

Raybiztech conducts successful campus drive at KIST Bhubaneswar

On Mar 07, 2019
Raybiztech concluded a marathon recruitment drive at the Konark Institute of Science and technology in Bhubaneswar.

Raybiztech campus drive at Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal

On Feb 27, 2019
Raybiztech hiring team successfully concluded an exclusive on-campus recruitment drive at the Technocrats Institute of Technology in Bhopal, which is a part of the Technocrats Group of Institutions.

Raybiztech is now member of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)

On Feb 07, 2019
Raybiztech has attained membership with Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, an umbrella body that involves participation & cooperation among top business entities and multinationals.

Raybiztech published Kentico template for Healthcare

On Jan 31, 2019
Raybiztech is proud to played key role in revolutionizing the healthcare marketplace content and interface of a healthcare application. The interface is meant to defer information and offer end-users a pragmatic view of the business portal

Raybiztech published Kentico template for Banking Domain

On Jan 30, 2019
Raybiztech has published an exclusive template for Kentico end-users and businesses in the banking domain. This enables users to log in and select the desired banking transaction, and complete successive steps

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