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Raybiztech at NASSCOM Product Connect on Accelerating Sales

On Feb 24, 2020
Raybiztech has been delighted to attend the influential workshop. The NASSCOM Product Connect conclave, Hyderabad, featured author and presenter Mr. Amit Agarwal on five Sutras from the book ‘The Ultimate Sales Accelerator’.

Raybiztech conducts CSR campaign to donate Essential Items

On Feb 17, 2020
Raybiztech has spearheaded a campaign to donate essential items that fulfill needs of poorer section of society. The successful drive was conducted on 15 February 2020 at three designated centers –Shirdi Sai Old Age Home for senior citizens, Anuraag Human Services, as well as the Chavadi Ashramam orphanage.

Raybiztech adds Link Button in Kentico marketplace

On Jan 23, 2020
Raybiztech has successfully created an exclusive widget for displaying a hyperlink to a specific target URL in Kentico 12. The new widget allows addition of button to the web page, as well as configuration of few specific attributes at the time of adding the link button.

Raybiztech publishes YouTube video component to Kentico marketplace

On Jan 22, 2020
Raybiztech has published an exclusive Kentico 12 MVC component to the Kentico marketplace. It allows insertion of YouTube video from targeted URL location. It can be deployed by installing the required package during development of website in Kentico 12 framework.

Raybiztech adds Google Map widget into Kentico marketplace

On Jan 21, 2020
Kentico experts at Raybiztech have developed an exclusive widget to incorporate Google Maps and placed the same in Kentico marketplace. It can be leveraged by developers for Kentico 12 MVC or more latest versions.

Raybiztech adds Editable Image widget to Kentico marketplace

On Jan 20, 2020
Raybiztech has created the Editable Image widget and published into the Kentico marketplace. The widget component is compatible with the Kentico 12.0.29 MVC instance or more newer versions.

Raybiztech CTO addresses ‘Win Big with Digital Transformation’ workshops by NASSCOM

On Dec 17, 2019
NASSCOM organized a series of sessions on Digital Transformation from 10-13 December 2019 at four different locations that were addressed by Raybiztech CTO Eugene Paden

Raybiztech at World AI Show 2019 in Bangkok

On Dec 05, 2019
The World AI Show was held in Bangkok on December 3, 2019, enabling industry players to leverage the potential of AI in the path to Digital Transformation.

Raybiztech at IBS ICOMBS 2019 Hyderabad

On Nov 20, 2019
The 8th IBS ICOMBS 2019 Conference was held at Hyderabad on 15-16 November 2019. Raybiztech was Title Sponsor at the two-day event.

NASSCOM SME Workshop on Digital Transformation

On Nov 19, 2019
NASSCOM is pleased to hold a unique workshop with the theme ‘Win Big with Digital Transformation’ scheduled on 11 December 2019 at HICC, Hitech City, Hyderabad.

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