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About Sitefinity Workflow (if required create Custom Workflow)

 Workflow is a sequence of activities that are required for completing a task. In addition to this, you can create custom work flows by extending the built-in work flow process using the Sitefinity CMS. Leveraging this approach a work flow can..

How to use Module builder in Sitefinity

A module builder can be used to create additional modules. For instance, if you want to store frequently asked questions or press releases, you can create a module. Additionally, when you create a module, you can select the fields it should contain..

How to Implement Dynamic data retrieving in Sitefinity

One of the many advantages of Sitefinity is that it includes access to the full suite of Telerik RadControls, including the one we'll be using: RadRotator. Using this and other controls from the suite allows you to quickly add useful and powerf..

How to Create Template and how to use it in Sitefinity

To create a template you can use built-in layouts or you can use layout editor to build a template from scratch. If you want to create a template based on the existing one you can do that as well. Another way of creating a template is by using a ma..

How to Create Search Index in Sitefinity

Search index is used for defining different sets of content that has to be searched leveraging the internal search engine of your website. For configuring the websites internal search, you need to define the search index first, then place the Searc..

How to Create Product types in E-commerce and its fields in Sitefinity

Depending upon the products you sell, different product types can be created. Each product type has separate fields. For instance, a car model can have its segments or an author can have a book. In addition to default fields like description or pri..

How to Create Forms in Sitefinity

Forms are the web pages that collect data from the users or the visitors of your website. Forms can be created and configured on the forms page. Before creating the MVC form you have to install the feature module.To create work forms, follow these ..

How to create custom widget in Sitefinity

Custom widgets are designed to improve the development of controls for Sitefinity CMS. When creating new custom widgets, open a user control in visual studio ,you must override the LayoutTemplatePath property and put the path of the cutom widget. W..

How to create custom widget using MVC Feather in Sitefinity

MVC is an alternative to the conventional Web Forms in ASP.NET for creating web applications. MVC is an architectural pattern, which segregates an application into three elements that include the "view" the "controller" and the ..

How to create Custom Layout in Sitefinity

If a standard layout doesn't meet your requirement, you can develop a more complex custom layout for layout templates or your pages. Additionally, you can also develop layout widgets and leverage them from the tool box of the page editor.To cre..

How to create a Widget designer using Thunder in Sitefinity

A widget is a component of interaction like a button or a scroll bar. A specific kind of user-computer interaction is facilitated by every widget, which is visible on the applications graphical user interface. For instance, a blog post can be displ..

How to assign Global Permissions to a user or role using permissions service in Sitefinity

If you are holding multisite license and have two sites in a single Sitefinity CMS -Site1 and Site2. Additionally, if you need a global admin for both the sites or set individual admin for every single site you can do that as well. For instance, u..

How to Create Blogs and Posts (Comments) in Sitefinity

A blog is a regularly updated web page that is written by an individual in a conversational or informal style. All the entries in the blog section appear in a reverse chronological order with the latest entry appearing first. In the Create a Post s..

What makes Sitefinity a Favorite CMS in the World

Sitefinity is a trend-setting CMS that is used by a large number of developers and designers across the world. Let's take a look at some of its developer and designer friendly features, which are helpful in designing a website in a cost-effecti..

Sitefinity CMS Integrations can Multiply your Organization’s Productivity

With speedy technological advancements and swiftly amending market trends, online businesses across the world are becoming very competitive day by day. For this, we need an optimal web content management system that can connect and integrate with o..

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