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Sorting and Paging of product data lists in Kentico 8 CMS

Sorting and Paging provides an easy way to change the default display of items. This method helps to display the items in a particular order using 'order by' and built in names. Datalist web parts are the web parts which helps in sorting an..

How to permanently redirect (301 redirect) pages/posts in Kentico 8 CMS

Let us all learn how to permanently (301) redirect older URLs to newer URLs. Actually, we do this for SEO purpose because, we don’t want to lose link juice of our older URLs, so we try to say web crawlers to notice the change that we have mad..

How to create Extension less URLs in Kentico 8

The extension less URLs add some obscurity to the technology what we are using. In the point of SEO, they don’t have real impact, but if you want to change how your content is rendered you do not have to change the URL (like .cgi to .php etc)..

How to create custom Form Layouts in Kentico 8 CMS

The only way we could get feedback, quires or any direct information from our clients is through contact forms. Not only this, they are also a way to improve our sales, ROI and converts our website visitors into customers. Because every ones ultima..

How to add Web Parts in Kentico 8 CMS

In this topic let us all learn how to add web parts in kentico 8 CMS.All content displayed by the Kentico CMS system is based on Web Part. So, to add new web part.First of all, Log in to Kentico CMS DESK.Go to Content Management and then Select Doc..

How to add Product Options in Kentico 8 CMS

Learn how to add Product Options to E-Commerce Products in Kentico 8 CMS and make the customer and to boost your sales.Buyers always try to narrow down the available products with as many attributes as possible. Especially, when it comes to E-Comme..

How to add Poll module in Kentico 8

Learn how to Use Poll module in Kentico 8 CMS and how to set up Module as Global or Site poll. We all know, actually there are two types of poll modules we can create in Kentico CMS i.e, Site poll or Global poll according to our requirements.First,..

How to add Google Analytics to Kentico 8

Google Analytics is the best on-line program that lets you measure user behavior, advertising ROI and not only that it measures everything that comes and goes to/from your website. So, if you don't had Google Analytics, then add it to measure y..

How to Add E-Commerce Products to Multiple Categories in Kentico 8 CMS

The most important feature for any E-Commerce website is to categorize all the products on the website. Otherwise, it becomes more task oriented to a basic customer to locate the product that he/she wants to buy.In Kentico 8 CMS, it is very easy to..

How to add E-Commerce Featured Products Options in Kentico 8 CMS

To display special offers, best-selling, seasonal-sellings to your customers featured products panel is the best way to do so. Eventhough, Customers look to narrow down all the products in to Categories, Product options etc. At first when a custome..

How to add custom 404 page in Kentico CMS

A 404 page is the page user gets when they try to pull the link which is a broken link, may be deleted or when they search with typographical error. If the website had a custom 404 page it is very useful people so that they can find the information..

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