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Xamarin Mobile Apps - Cross-platform native apps solution

Aspiration to be competitive and responsive in the market, Enterprises have arduous challenges to quickly develop and maintain brand consistency in their applications and mobile apps. They always had difficulties on deciding Mobile Apps development platforms; Hybrid or Native, when it comes to sticking to the budget and matching with the speed of the competitors.

Mobile market is dominated by iOS and Android devices, and Native Mobile Applications provide best user experience and performance output.

But, developing separate native applications were equally costly, time-consuming and efforts intensive. But not anymore! 

Xamarin Mobile apps helps build native iOS and Android mobile apps using powerful C# language and large portion of shared code. Enterprises can now seamlessly develop integrate Xamarin mobile apps with Cloud, IoT and Analytical solutions and create real-time business environment to provide best services and products to its customers and employees. 

Xamarin is a contemporary platform to develop mobile apps with all the required aspects. Its cost-effective processes and fast coding enables it to offer native-like user experiences. As a result, hybrid app developers are really loving it and switching from conventional platforms to Xamarin.

In addition, Xamarin has portable class libraries (PCL) and suitable application architecture, which enable developers to share code across the mobile platforms with minimal hassles and for flawless experiences.

Ray Business Technologies has been at the forefront on Xamarin Mobile Apps Development. It has excellent capabilities in Architecture Consulting, Development, Migration, Integration, Reporting, Analytics, Administration, Integrated Marketing, E-commerce, UI Personalization,  Load Testing, Support & maintenance, Application Dashboards, Training, Security Audit and  Performance Optimization for Xamarin. 

Raybiztech has set up Xamarin Center of Excellence (CoE) that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training on Xamarin.

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Xamarin Developers Services and Android, IOS(Apple) Mobile App Development Solutions

Raybiztech Xamarin Solutions:

Raybiztech has worked with diversified verticals to provide industry specific solutions on Xamarin Platform:

  • Xamarin Apps Architecture Consulting
  • Xamarin Apps Technical Consulting
  • Xamarin Apps Functional Consulting
  • Xamarin Apps Development
  • Xamarin Apps Migration
  • Xamarin Apps Integration
  • Xamarin Apps Upgrade
  • Xamarin Apps Audit
  • Xamarin Apps Reporting
  • Xamarin Apps Analytics
  • Xamarin Apps Configuration
  • Xamarin Apps Administration
  • Xamarin Apps Regression Testing
  • Xamarin Apps Testing Automation
  • Xamarin Apps Load Testing
  • Xamarin Apps Independent Testing
  • Support & maintenance
  • Xamarin Apps Dashboards
  • Xamarin Apps Training
  • Xamarin Apps Security Audit
  • Xamarin Apps Health Audit
  • Xamarin Apps Technical Support 
  • Xamarin Apps Performance Optimization
  • Xamarin Apps Agile Development
  • Xamarin Apps Workflows
  • Xamarin Apps UI Personalization
  • Xamarin Apps Code review
  • Social Media Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Hubspot Integration 
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Xamarin Apps E-commerce

Xamarin Mobile Apps

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