Plan and Manage business profitability

Profit & Performance Management

Profit & Performance Management

Our Profit and Performance Management Solution, Profitty, is an excellent Out-of-the-box solution for:

  • Financial Planning, Budgeting and Business Performance Management Solution, Specially Designed for Business Owners, Directors, Managers and Management Consultants.
  • A simple and easy approach to Plan, measure, monitor and analyze business results. Quickly Analyze root causes for cost overruns and poor performances. Help plan corrective actions and follow-up to improve business performance and profits.
  • Integrates and uses existing ERP or CRM Data. Works with SAP , Oracle ERP, Microsoft Dynamics and Other ERP systems.

Why to implement PMS?

  • Plan and Manage business profitability
  • Analyze risk and take corrective actions to reduce costs and improve profits
  • On demand MIS and Analytic Reports
  • Automate and manage controls more efficiently to mitigate risk
  • Investors and businesses on the same page of performance
  • To give investors or banker instant visibility and alerts on key business events
  • Plan and mange investments and profit goals
  • Automated investment Portfolio or debt management

PROFITTY: Core Solution

  • Asset and Liability Monitoring
  • Performance Targets
  • Performance Monitoring and Dash Boards
  • Financial Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Investment or Debt Portfolio


  • Eliminates guesswork and monitor investment portfolios in real time
  • Get faster answers to your business questions
  • Get key business metrics reports of investment portfolio when you need them
  • Get insights into investments
  • Simplify portfolio management risk management tasks
  • Improve efficiencies and ROI
  • See where your business has been, where it is now and where it is going

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