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Kentico+ Documentation

Kentico+ Documentation

Kentico+ is a cloud-based CXM solution. It leverages the functionality of Kentico EMS combined with the computing power of Windows Azure cloud, where it is hosted. You don't need to buy or renew a license or pay for hosting. For a monthly fee, we take care of both for you.

How to start :

Start by creating a new project. We will require you to enter your payment card number. After that, you can start developing websites on the Kentico+ platform

Pages contained in this document :

  • Creating projects Page
  • Deploying and changing unmanaged projects Page
  • Accessing your web application project Page
  • Connecting to the database Page
  • Increasing or decreasing the computing power Page
  • Applying hotfixes to projects Page
  • Billing information Page: Enabling a CDN Page
  • Deleting subscriptions and projects

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