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How to add Google Analytics to Kentico 8

How to add Google Analytics to Kentico 8

Google Analytics is the best on-line program that lets you measure user behavior, advertising ROI and not only that it measures everything that comes and goes to/from your website. So, if you don't had Google Analytics, then add it to measure your online business or campaigns.

As we are writing a series of tutorials on Kentico CMS, in this tutorial let us all learn how to add Google Analytics to Kentico 8 CMS.

First of all, If you don't had a Google Analytics account create one by loging with your Gmail.

  • Log in to Kentico 8 CMS DESK.
  • Now go to content management and select documents and pages.
  • Select the 'Master Page'and Click the tab 'Design' on the Page.
  • To add this, we need to add a new web part.
  • So, Now select the option 'content zone' and then click 'Add new web part'.
  • Add Google Analytics web part from web analytics folder.
  • Enter web part title and you need a Google analytics tracking code for web part.
  • Switch to Google Analytics, you will find a tracking code, copy and paste in web part (Click here to learn how to find tracking code).
  • Configure your own properties and click the button ok.

Now you can view Google Analytics tracking code through page source of the website!

For more information check out our YouTube video on How to add Google Analytics to Kentico 8 CMS.

How to Add Google Analytics to Kentico 8 CMS (video):

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