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Using Windows Azure Mobile Services to Cloud-Enable your iOS Apps

Windows Azure Mobile Services is a Windows Azure service offering designed to make it easy to create highly-functional mobile apps using Windows Azure. Mobile Services brings together a set of Windows Azure services that enable backend capabilit..

Drupal on Windows Azure

Drupal is an open source content management system that runs on PHP. Windows Azure offers a flexible platform for hosting, managing, and scaling Drupal deployments. This paper focuses on an approach to hosting Drupal sites on Windows Azure, base..

Create Your First Application - Node.js and Windows Azure

Windows Azure is Microsoft's application platform for the public cloud. You can use this platform in many different ways. For instance, you can use Windows Azure to build a web application that runs and stores its data in Microsoft datacente..

Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure

Windows Azure provides a set of infrastructure services that can help you to build hybrid applications. These services, such as Service Bus Security, Messaging, Caching, Traffic Manager, and Azure Connect, are the main topics of this guide. The gui..

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