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Video Job Portal for Sales Professional

Video Job Portal for Sales Professional

With the dynamics of the job market has changed today, more companies are looking to save on costs of interviewing and hiring process. Specially, when it comes to screening and interviewing Sales and Marketing executives, it takes lots of effort and money. Also, there exists a gap between the demanding employers and the deserving candidates to meet in person in order to understand each other capabilities because of distance and convenient timings.

Realizing the need, a leading recruiting company planned to develop a Video Job Portal, where Job Seeker and Job Provider could meet each other virtually. A video profile of the prospective candidate can help reduce the time employers spend in short-listing prospective candidates. Traditional recruitment websites offer only static content and employers lose valuable time on scanning through profiles in text format and talking to prospective candidates on the phone,


  • Video Upload Facility from users in various formats and conversion in one single unified format
  • Demand of developing user friendly website that can function rapidly and easily
  • A website that could work for jobseekers as well as employers; both can get login facility on the same platform.
  • Strong search criteria in order to produce maximum results for job seekers and advanced search divided in to three parts like search through keyword, select industry, and select city
  • Website should allow posting their resumes after purchasing the desired package. Employer’s registration should also follows through package purchase.
  • The website to be positioned distinctly from the existing job portals
  • Needed an efficient and easy to use content management system

Ray Business Technologies elaborate on solution while working closely with the client

  • Identifies that Video Upload Facility from users will be various formats and need of conversion in one unified format in order to ease of use by all types of users
  • Allows jobseekers to post job applications beside Video resume
  • Suggests on enhancing knowledge through various informative tools like news, newsletters, success stories of professionals, member forums, and other career resources
  • Suggests on running special campaigns and dicounts for employers in order to create more options for job seekers


  • Intuitive, easy to use web interface design, conforming to best usability and web standards
  • Implemented content management system with multimedia features to enable the prospective candidates to add video to the profiles in addition to usual text profile
  • Addition of video upload and enhancement of user registration, online payment, and user management modules
  • Created multiple layouts that can be set based on user preference
  • Created direct marketing campaigns to advertise the launch of site
  • Complete Admin Control over user and portal management


  • Unique Job Portal with Video Resume Facility, helping clients to attract high number of Job Seekers and Employers
  • Simple and advanced search facility
  • Complete Admin Control and Content Management System
  • Mass Mailing , Newsletters, Auto Responder and Campaign management

Technology Used

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS

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