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Business Intelligence Cognos Solutions

Business Intelligence Cognos Solutions

A well-defined business analytics strategy helps your organization to gain valuable insights and competitive advantage to improve efficiencies in today’s dynamic industry landscape. Business Analytics Solutions connect people across the enterprise with critical information and enable collaboration and faster decision making. IBM Cognos can be quickly and easily integrated with your existing systems, and can enable your business users to create their own reports on the fly.


Enterprises are using IBM Cognos for better business results and increase profitability. Raybiztech has been providing innovative IBM Cognos solutions to BFSI, healthcare and retail verticals to help them better understand, anticipate and forecast business outcomes. With effective business intelligence and performance management, your organization gains greater visibility into all aspects of your business, allowing you to analyze trends and opportunities. Raybiztech can help you establish a proactive analytics strategy, allowing your company to enhance performance and improve overall operational efficiencies.


We have experienced skilled Business Analytics experts, delivering niche business intelligence, performance management, reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecarding solutions.

Why choose Raybiztech as your IBM Cognos solution partner?

At Raybiztech, with over 10 years of experience, we understand the value of business intelligence in your enterprise, making you more competitive. We work with business users closely to ensure that Cognos solution contains the high quality data necessary to meet your business goals. We help you to:

Reduce costs:

  • Analyze operations and plan for greater efficiency
  • Improve resource management, referral & scheduling processes, and call center
  • Reduce operating costs by Identifying, implement and monitor operational process efficiencies
  • Enable customer self-service and Reduce reporting costs

Improve quality:

  • Enable CXO level reporting with key quality metrics
  • Provide insight and actionable information into performance and core measures to CXOs
  • Better Collaborate to improve and align enterprise processes for quality and outcomes
  • Align strategic goals to operational objectives and metrics
  • Support transparency and quality reporting

Promote transparency and access:

  • Help to communicate a single view of business performance
  • Provide cost and quality information to drive accountability, collaboration and round the clock access
  • Identify and act on problems and opportunities quickly and with confidence

Drive profitable growth:

  • Support the organizational mission by ensuring market competitiveness and by leveraging capacity and capabilities to expand into new markets, partnerships, products and services
  • Analyze and optimize service lines and key departmental processes
  • Analyze history, forecast results, set goals and build execution plans
  • Track departmental and organizational performance against goals in real time

Maximize your ROI by:

  • Training your users and helping them to use BI into their daily work
  • Training your users to look at the right metrics, and interpret them correctly
  • Ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the information
  • Designing system customizations that are easy to use

We look forward to being your IBM Cognos business intelligence partner!

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