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How does Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) help?
May 22

How does Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) help?

How does Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) help?

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) was initially introduced to speed up the process of building websites on Sitecore and to re-use layouts, components, & templates across various sites.  SXA is a feature that separates structure from design, so front-end designers; content authors, creative designers, and developers can work similarly and together. You can also deploy and maintain multiple sites quickly and cost effectively. Once a basic user experience plan is in position, everyone can get started on the platform.

For example: the content author can start by entering the content in the wireframe environment, at the same time the front-end developer can work on the theme, and the developers can set up the data templates.

With Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), you can:

  • Deliver the sites faster using standard functionality with minimum-to-no Sitecore CMS development.
  • Work simultaneously on different work streams.
  • Gather sites using responsive and reusable renderings.
  • Use themes to facilitate brand consistency.
  • Choose between different grid systems.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) uses the following concepts:

  • Toolbox
  • Grid and column layout
  • Pluggable themes
  • Page designs and partial designs
  • Creative Exchange
  • Share content and presentation
  • Asset Optimizer
  • Data modeling

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables back-end development, front-end development, and content entry teams to work in parallel.

SXA might be particularly useful:

  • Where businesses want to create pages for micro-sites, specific products, or campaigns SXA can be the ideal choice. SXA has a component based Page builder, which helps content creators to create pages quickly.
  • SXA saves time in a project cycle as front-end development, back-end development and content entry tasks can be performed simultaneously.
  • Sitecore 9 includes SXA components that have sample product catalogs and ecommerce components, which makes it a great tool to design ecommerce sites. It also has features like virtual shopping cart & check out facility.

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