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Blockchain - Changing the landscape of Mobile App Development

On May 18, 2018
Blockchain technology is a type of distributed database that contains a number of blocks, which has the potential to change the way, the mobile app development economy works & will create seamless user experience.
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Follow these Best Practices for better Mobile App security

On May 17, 2018
Mobile App security is a necessity and here we are providing some best practices to be followed by the organizations to make their app more secure.
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2018 Trends to watch out for in Mobile App Development!

On Apr 25, 2018
Today, even the most popular brands in the market are using mobile apps for building brand awareness, increasing sales and for direct marketing
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Flutter - Google's new SDK to build cross-platform mobile apps

On Apr 23, 2018
Flutter is a cross-platform mobile SDK developed by Google for designing premium native interfaces on iOS and Android
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Building Serverless Mobile Apps with Azure functions and Xamarin

On Apr 20, 2018
Serverless Computing comes to the rescue for building modern mobile application with the help of Azure functions and Xamarin.
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Xamarin Got Everything You Need to Build Great Mobile Apps

On Nov 02, 2017
Xamarin with Visual Studio builds a powerful and modern IDE. It includes various features, such as sophisticated project, project template library, and code auto completion to name a few.
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Why Entеrрrіѕеѕ Lоvе Xаmаrіn Platform fоr Nаtіvе Mоbіlе Aррѕ?

On Jul 11, 2017
Here are ѕоmе оf the gооd rеаѕоnѕ why еntеrрrіѕеѕ lоvе Xamarin platform fоr native mobile аррѕ
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Microsoft Xamarin Apps - What makes it special and reliable for Users, Clients and Developers

On Jun 28, 2017
The use of Xamarin Development Services brings with it, a rich pool of benefits for all you developers. A big plus is that you can create your code on all three platforms (IOS, Android and Windows) using the native UI.
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Android O: The latest version is primed to lure the developers and users

On Apr 24, 2017
Google released 'Android O' on 21st March 2017, which is the new developer version of the next Android OS, and the full release will be done this year.The latest version has brought a few changes to the existing features and there were some new features added.
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Developing Mobile Apps using Xamarin- By Sai Krishna Pawar

On Feb 03, 2015
Author- Sai Krishna Pawar. Xamarin is mostly preferred for developing cross platform mobile apps. Xamarin with visual studio or Xamarin studio gives all the advantages of powerful IDEs such as Eclipse or Netbeans. Xamarin has the capability to deliver high performance compiled code; this compiled code provides full access to all native APIs for creating native apps with device specific experiences. Whatever the developer does in Objective C or Java for native development, the same can be done in C# with Xamarin.

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