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Office SharePoint Server at Microsoft: 12TB and counting
Jun 13

Office SharePoint Server at Microsoft: 12TB and counting

Scott St. Jean is a program manager in Microsoft IT. He makes sure that the largest SharePoint installation in the world keeps working. Mark Swenson is also a program manager in Microsoft IT. His job is making sure that our intranet search is working, including things like making sure people can`t find documents that they shouldn`t have rights to.

I sat down with them to talk about what it takes to migrate, and index, and upgrade 12 terabytes of data to the latest version. If that wasn't challenging enough, they started working with the products before they were the latest version, when they were still under development. Their experience shook out a lot of bugs that were addressed before the real world had to deal with them.

In addition to deployment and migration, we chatted about the backup and restore procedures for this multiple terabyte installation, and what happens when you tell everyone in the org to go ahead and create their own SharePoint sites. (in an outtake that I, um, took out, I asked the guys for their picks for the SuperBowl, and got one of the team names wrong. minus 100 cool points for me) -Courtsey MSN Channel9

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