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Kentico 12 MVC drives modern Customer Experience

On Dec 13, 2019
Kentico allows marketers to leverage powerful interfaces with smart forms and intuitive templates that will drive the marketing CMS platform of the future.
factors to choose custom CMS

Kentico 12 Service Pack adds Performance and Flexibility

On Oct 17, 2019
To boost its performance, Kentico had been gathering inputs from partners and clients leading to the Service Pack 12 roll-out. The Service Pack 12 is not like the ordinary hotfixes; rather it offers seamless options for enhancing the overall MVC developer experience.
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Kentico regulates Digital Signatures and Content rights with Blockchain

On Sep 20, 2019
Kentico will soon draw the feasibility and roadmap for leveraging Blockchain models to implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) across its portfolio. The technology essentially involves developing and placing padlocks.
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Kentico leverages Blockchain for content authentication and security

On Sep 17, 2019
Kentico has consistently improved its offerings with more advanced technologies that enable encryption of data, detecting fake content, authorizing digital signatures, and detecting copyright infringements.
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Blockchain helps firms trash fake News and Feeds from CMS

On Sep 11, 2019
Kentico clients stand at an advantage for a smart and versatile way of handling fake or outdated content with the power of Blockchain.
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How to build Kentico MVC responsive website effectively?

On Aug 19, 2019
Kentico enables the creation of amazing websites that drive profitable marketing campaigns and deliver awesome results in terms of overall customer experience. The newest version of Kentico offers smart forms and automated widgets to add functionality.
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How do firms comply with GDPR guidelines while leveraging Kentico?

On Aug 01, 2019
Data privacy regulations encompass many operational aspects of software tools and applications. There is no exception to the Kentico product line. Developers and architects alike have well become aware of the right to store specific and sensitive form of customer data.
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How Azure helps leverage Kentico capabilities?

On Jun 20, 2019
Kentico offers some of the most advanced ways of creating websites and running marketing campaigns, and known for offering an unmatched experience with the use of Microsoft Azure. Kentico has been available on the Azure cloud since 2011,enabling businesses to complete their success stories. A survey carried out to assess Kentico Azure capabilities pointed out at advantages businesses had with respect to patches, scaling up, maintenance, and capitalizing on server capacity as and when required.
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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Kentico Website

On Dec 17, 2018
Kentico application offers leverage of a number of features available with the software. However, this is accompanied by complex and dynamic data functionality, which often requires retrieval of alarge quantum of information from a third-party database or software, which impacts the overall performance of a website.
factors to choose custom CMS

Kentico 12 is Here! Check out the New Features

On Nov 26, 2018
Kentico 12 offers First Class Support for ASP .NET MVC, with a greater capability of integration among components and their behavior in the dynamic run-time environment.

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