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How Boomi delivers beyond Conventional Integration?

On Nov 15, 2019
Boomi serves as a comprehensive integration and development platform. The Boomi platform liaises with B2B partner networks, enables efficient Master Data Management and drives API life-cycle management.
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AI components driving collaborated integration for Boomi user community

On Oct 01, 2019
Since the last decade during which Boomi started as the conventional PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) integration solution, the focus has lately shifted to leverage intelligence with the core objective of connecting data, architecture, and processes.
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Boomi CEO re-defines Customer Experience (CX) in unique yet impactful ways

On Aug 14, 2019
The Boomi platform has extended much beyond connecting processes and data, to enable organizations to scale up and drive businesses even faster. According to the recent interaction between Boomi CEO Chris McNabb and Director of Solution Consulting APJ David Irecki, Boomi is already reaping strategic benefits in Australia
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Boomi Integration to revolutionize with AI and Data Sciences

On Jul 29, 2019
As enterprises need to seamlessly integrate between their systems, processes and data end-points, they are finding and exploring ways to make this happen with utmost effectiveness and minimum of time and costs.
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How do biotech firms leverage Boomi for Master Data Management?

On Jun 17, 2019
With an onslaught of data traffic from diverse platforms and touch-points, businesses need to develop a reliable and comprehensive roadmap for complete data management across the front-end application powered by a cloud-based integration environment. Dell Boomi offers comprehensive Data Management alternatives for businesses, apart from typical integration benefits.
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How NetSuite accelerators enrich Boomi cloud integration?

On Jun 13, 2019
The Boomi platform is enriched with the NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess accelerator which will boost business efficiency and increase the time-to-value. Dell Boomi and NetSuite have announced the release of the first of a series of accelerators for industry cloud solutions.
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How does Dell Boomi drive results in Life Sciences and Healthcare?

On Apr 19, 2019
The healthcare industry, with its technology challenges coupled with demanding needs, requires a time-frame for the development and maintenance of an entire data management platform that is tied to the data as well as web or middleware application.
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How do financial institutions leverage Dell Boomi platform?

On Apr 17, 2019
The financial sector is moving at a fast pace towards digital transformation and technology innovation for managing people, data, and processes. The Dell Boom integration platform will optimize the workflows across banking and financial institutions, thereby re imagining complete transaction cycles and optimizing an omni-channel experience for customers.
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Build New Capabilities with Raybiztech And Dell Boomi

On Apr 10, 2019
In today’s world of rapidly emerging technology and IT infrastructure, more businesses recognize the necessity of using more modern technology and infrastructure to strengthen their businesses processes and systems.
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Unifying Assets and Systems with Dell Boomi

On Apr 09, 2019
One of the biggest concerns most people have with innovations and integrating to cloud-based systems is that information or infrastructure will be lost or that the period of transition will be tedious and difficult to understand.

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