Highly-skilled individuals with strong IT Services experience and expertise

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

There is no substitute for having the right people, but in the highly specialized and technically sophisticated field of IT Services, it is a necessity. Raybiztech’s management team is comprised of highly-skilled individuals with strong IT services experience and expertise.

Ajay Ray, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ajay Ray

The one word that defines Ajay Ray, the managing Director of Raybiztech, is dynamism. He believes that you must reinvent on regular intervals, keep investing in your core capabilities and grow at faster pace. The mantra has worked for Raybiztech. 

Mr. Ajay Ray, with over 22 years of Business and Technology experience, has worked extensively on Technology and Business Solutions, new market development, thought leadership, mentoring startups, and managing profitable delivery centers for leading IT multinationals.

Mr. Ajay Ray has excellent experience in diverse areas encompassing sales & marketing, strategic planning, P&L management, business acquisition, budget implementation, relationship management, and people management. He has been a speaker at several Conferences and Seminars on topics ranging from International Business, Entrepreneurship, People Management, Leadership, Project/Program Management, Information Security and Digital Transformations.

Mr. Ajay Ray is focused on creating value, delivering results and enabling growth for all stakeholders. He is regarded as a Business leader with successful track record of creating and scaling multi-million technology businesses in various worldwide geographies, in turn growing stakeholder value.

As a thought leader and strategy practitioner, Ajay has been instrumental in the development and operationalization of organization's strategy. With Effective communication, excellent leadership and management skills, Mr. Ajay Ray seamlessly builds strong ties with clients, senior management and company associates.

Mr. Ray is the driving force of Raybiztech's strategic direction and marketing focus. Under his leadership, Raybiztech has grown into a leading Global IT Solution company. Armed with Strong Managerial and Leadership Skills, he has years of experience in developing strategy and direction for the company. He is an MBA in IT Management from GJU, Hissar.

Srinivasa Chaitanya Mudunuri, Co-Founder & CEO

Chaitanya Mudunuri

Those were troubled times for World Economies in 2009, the investments were put on hold and technology spending shrunk significantly. Things were even worse for Indian Technology companies. This was when, Mr. Chaitanya Mudunuri, an MBA from University of Oxford and a veteran in Venture Capital Market, saw an opportunity for a reliable and competent Technology Solution Provider and transformed Raybiztech into a Global Technology Solution company.

Mr. Chaitanya Mudunuri brings over 18 years of experience in the technology sector, working on venture capital investments, project management, and business development in both the United States and India. He participated in deal origination in the technology, media, and telecommunications sectors in both the developed and emerging markets.

His focus at Raybiztech is to drive the company's strategic direction and to oversee all operations of the company. Mr. Mudunuri has a successful track record of driving revenue growth for a company including experience in mergers and acquisitions, business development, channel development and strategic initiatives.

Prior to his financial services experience, he spent 10 years in IT developing software products for world’s largest software companies; he also offered consulting services to the Fortune 100 clients such as JP Morgan Chase and Cisco in improving their business processes.

He has an engineering degree with distinction and MBA from University of Oxford.

Ajay Gupta, Co-Founder & COO

Ajay Gupta

If you haven't met Ajay Gupta before, you might walk past him in the office, mistaking him for just another associate. The COO of Raybiztech wears his success - and designation - lightly. But once you connect with him, you quickly notice the leadership radiance that seems to be a part of his persona. Gupta, as he is popularly known, combines his humility and simplicity with a sociable and meticulous nature - a potent combination.

Mr. Ajay Gupta has over 21 years of experience in building and growing successful Global Software Services Organizations. Prior to Raybiztech, he was the Global Delivery Head of Mann India. He also led the implementation of Quality and cross-departmental processes for quality assurance at his previous companies.

As Raybiztech's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Gupta is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership in the company. Mr. Gupta also heads the Global Delivery Team, including product and customer support services. He has been instrumental in transforming Raybiztech into a leading IT Solutions company and expanding its global delivery & execution capabilities.

Mr. Gupta holds Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University.

Eugene Paden, Chief Technology Officer

Eugene Paden

With over 25 years of technology experience, Mr. Eugene Paden, has been creating, delivering and implementing technological solutions aligned with business strategies and objectives, improving business performance and revenue generation. He is highly accomplished in conducting research, building technological architecture, product and business development and delivery. Mr. Eugene is passionate about managing teams and providing targeted training and development for optimal employee performance and increased productivity.

Mr. Eugene has technical proficiency in cloud based services, over the top (OTT) media services, systems and network administration, database administration, data analytics, object oriented development and agile development practices. He has led successful critical digital transformation project in top enterprises worldwide.


Prassaad D, Practice Head, Ed-Tech Solutions

Prassaad D

Mr. Prassaad D., with more than 21 years of experience, has served in executive leadership roles at various market-leading enterprise software companies. He leads company Ed-tech Practice management and strategy, cloud initiatives and partnerships. 

Mr. Prassaad was involved in conceptualization and ground up design of QuickEdmin, the Cloud based Education ERP Product, 

Mr. Prassaad is an expert in Project Management (both large bespoke projects and product development and support), Team and Client Management. He has deep domain expertise in Education, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Payroll & HR, Hotel Management and Health Care. He worked with customers to solve some of their biggest business challenges with the help of innovative software solutions.

Gary Bhasin, Director, Canada

Gary Bhasin

Mr. Gary Bhasin is a serial entrepreneur and brings over 10 years of experience from different verticals of IT Services, Online Marketing, Finance and BPO services.He has helped various companies improve there bottomline using six sigma methodologies.

Mr Bhasin’s focus at RayBiztech is to oversee the business development and operations of Canadian Market.

Mr. Bhasin holds an MS in Automation Engineering from California State University and also holds Lean Six Sigma certification.


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