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Kentico User Group - Dallas Metroplex

Kentico User Group - Dallas Metroplex

Kentico User Group

We Ray Business Technologies LLC are proud to become the "Masters of the Ceremony" for Dallas Metroplex Kentico User Group Meetup on August 9, 2017 06:30 – 08:30 PM at 6010 W, Springcreek Parkway, Plano, Dallas Texas 75204.

Who Can Mashup in Kentico Meet-Over-The-Muffin?

We invite all the Online Marketing Affiliates, Business Buffs, IT Wizards, Tech Geeks, Virtual Webbers, Websters, Sitesters, Back/Frontend Developers & Mainstream Audiences of the Acrylic Era.

Kentico's A La Carte Calls You to Action:

Kentico Meetup proposes to bypass your paradox related to Content Management.You can now explode your Content Horrors by knitting yourself with Kentico CMS. Remember that, Linguistics & Logic may leap your website from point A to point Zee, but the power of Kentico will sledge your site to infinite success.

Our Presentation Topics of Sense & Essence:
Kentico + Azure Recommender

Azure recommendations is a Kentico custom module for Kentico v 10.0.

Below are the key features:

  • Created user interface for model (for multiple page types), catalog, usage and build
  • Displaying status for catalog, usage and build
  • Displaying list of created models in a table format with three action items (Edit, Delete, Rebuild)
  • Displaying recommendations based on item to item and user to item with image
  • Task scheduler for catalog, usage and build
  • Multiple selection of activity types
  • Deleting the builds related to that model
  • Background process for updating catalog, usage and triggering the build

Kentico Q&As Kill-Offs:

After the Pretty Pact Presentation, we welcome everybody to clear their queries directly by our Top-notch Kentico Consultants.

So, Play The Fastest Finger First & Sweep into the Kentico Meet Burst!
Be an Early Eagle& Flock to Block those Limited Front-most Seats in the Hall Today!

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